SESSION: Saturday 21st October at 7:30pm

Beautiful Dark – The Music of Twin Peaks

(25 Years, dir. Beautiful Dark , w/ Ann-Marie Sullivan (vocals), Bec Blakeney (keys/vocals), Zoe Hunting (synth/vocals), Andrew Campbell (guitar), Andy Hazel (bass/guitar), Dandelion Jackson (saxophone) and Billy Raffin (drums). )

Beautiful Dark – The Music of Twin Peaks are the preeminent interpreters of the music of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. From the Double R Diner to the Red Room, Beautiful Dark take the audience on a journey through a strange and mysterious world where the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air. With a commitment to the original soundtrack, thematic video, costumes and audio from the series, Beautiful Dark immerse audiences in the world of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s iconic television series, Twin Peaks. The seven-piece have sold out shows at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and performed at Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal, Coffs Harbour’s Screenwave International Film Festival, Melbourne’s Astor Theatre and Malthouse Theatre. Beautiful Dark collaborates with video artist Sean Healy to revisit the story arcs and relationships that have brought new audiences to the show for over thirty years. (IMDB)

FILM INFO Not reviewed.

Mulholland Drive

(2001, dir. David Lynch, w/ Naomi Watts, Jeanne Bates, Dan Birnbaum, Laura Harring)

Mulholland Drive will start at approximately 8:56pm, and finish at approximately 11:29pm.

After hiring a hit man to kill her lover, Camilla; Diane dreams of a different Hollywood experience. One where she is a wonderfully talented and versatile actress, Betty, who almost instantly is in demand by the best Casting Directors in the business. And one where her lover becomes an amnesiac, Rita, after a brutal accident that saves her from the hit on her life. Betty and Rita meet and as they fall in love, they also try to undercover Rita's real identity. But when Betty and Rita's search begins to intermingle with the reality of Diane and Camilla's nightmarish relationship, the walls of the dream begin to collapse ("It's strange to be calling yourself" says Betty). (IMDB)

FILM INFO 4444(IMDB rating)