NobodyHard Target
DOUBLE FEATURE Today at 7:30pm

Nobody [MA15+]

Hard Target [R18+]

SINGLE FEATURE Tomorrow at 7pm


The Big LebowskiBarton Fink
DOUBLE FEATURE Monday 17th May at 7:30pm

The Big Lebowski [MA15+]

Barton Fink [M]

2021 St Kilda Film Festival Opening Night
SINGLE FEATURE Thursday 20th May at 6:30pm

2021 St Kilda Film Festival Opening Night [CTC]

Blue Velvet - 35th Anniversary 35mm PresentationThe Night of the Hunter
Godzilla vs. Kong
SINGLE FEATURE Saturday 22nd May at 7:30pm

Godzilla vs. Kong [M]

No Country for Old MenTrue Grit (2010)
DOUBLE FEATURE Monday 24th May at 7:30pm

No Country for Old Men [MA15+]

True Grit (2010) [MA15+]

Wild at HeartTwo-Lane Blacktop
DOUBLE FEATURE Friday 28th May at 7:30pm

Wild at Heart [R18+]

Two-Lane Blacktop [M15+]

Singin' in the RainThe Artist
DOUBLE FEATURE Sunday 30th May at 2pm

Singin' in the Rain [G]

The Artist [PG]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?Hail, Caesar!
DOUBLE FEATURE Monday 31st May at 7:30pm

O Brother, Where Art Thou? [M15+]

Hail, Caesar! [PG]

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