SESSION: Sunday 19th June at 11am

Fun in Acapulco

(1963, dir. Richard Thorpe, w/ Elvis Presley, Ursula Andress, Elsa Cárdenas)

Mike works on a boat in Acapulco. When the bratty daughter of the boat owner gets him fired, Mike must find new work. Little boy Rauol helps him get a job as a lifeguard and singer at a local hotel. Clashes abound when Mike runs into the rival lifeguard, who is the champion diver of Mexico. He is angry at Mike for taking some of his hours, and stealing his woman. (IMDB)

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(1964, dir. John Rich, w/ Elvis Presley, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Freeman)

Roustabout will start at approximately 1:03pm, and finish at approximately 2:50pm.

Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) is a leather-jacketed biker who's fired from a singing engagement after getting into a fight with a group of college toughs. While riding his cycle to the next gig, an irate dad runs him off the road when he flirts with his daughter. He's forced to hook up with a travelling carnival until his bike can be fixed. The carnival is run by a tough old broad, a broken-down drunk, and his nubile daughter. Along the way, Charlie (who's got a chip on his shoulder about being an orphan) somehow learns about family values from this vaguely dysfunctional one. A scheming rival carny shows up, based on the legend of Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's real-life manager. (IMDB)

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