SESSION: Sunday 28th November at 7pm


(1954, dir. Roberto Rossellini, w/ Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders, Maria Mauban)

IFF21: JOURNEY TO ITALY will finish at approximately 8:45pm.

Married for eight years with no children, Brits Katherine and Alex Joyce are driving to Italy, their ultimate destination just outside of Naples to sell the villa they have just inherited from his uncle, the villa where they will be staying during their time there. On the drive, they come to the realization that this trip marks the first time that they have truly been alone together, and as such don't really know one another in the true sense. While in Italy, they end up mainly embarking on pursuits separate from each other - Katherine preferring the cultural, Alex preferring "company" including with some acquaintances they didn't know were in Naples until running into them on their first night in the city - and on the few occasions when they do spend time together, there is a tension and an underlying increasing want on both sides to hurt the other emotionally in their individual beliefs of what the other is thinking or has done in their time apart. As their marriage slowly falls apart, the question becomes if there is any way to salvage it if they truly do want to continue to be Mr. and Mrs. Joyce. (IMDB)

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