Suzi Q – Special Q&A Event!



None scheduled.


An Astor Theatre Special Event featuring an Exclusive Melbourne Appearance of Rock & Roll Legend Suzi Quatro in an extended Q&A! SUZI Q is the definitive, unexpurgated story of the girl from Detroit City who redefined the role and image of women in rock’n’roll when she broke through around the world in 1973. SUZI Q positions Suzi as the trailblazer and inspiration for a generation of women who were to follow after her in the next decade; and reminds contemporary audiences of her pioneering influence, white-hot talent and string of incandescent rock hits, like CAN THE CAN, 48 CRASH and DAYTONA DEMON (to name but a few), that were the vehicle for her explosion of gender stereotypes in rock n roll, rewriting the rule book for the expected image of women in rock music and reaching millions of people worldwide in the process. SUZI Q explores the long simmering family tensions and sibling rivalries that result from the success of one family member over the ambitions of its other talented members. Exiled in Europe thanks to her success, while forgotten in her homeland, we return with Suzi to Detroit ; and reveal the price paid for success in a deeply personal exploration of fame, ambition and resilience. Singer, songwriter, bass player, author, actress, radio presenter, poet – there is only one Suzi Q. Still on road after 53 years, still writing new material and still recording, Suzi Quatro surely is The Queen Of Rock n Roll. Now she’s coming back to claim her crown.