Pasolini Retrospective: Mamma Roma



None scheduled.


Screening for the first time outside Europe since the restoration in 2022. (The restoration of the film was made in 2022 in 4K edited by CSC - Cineteca Nazionale starting from negatives scene and column made available by RTI-Mediaset in collaboration with Infinity + and Cine34. To rebuild the full version of the film, some missing or damaged sections in the negative scene have been integrated with a positive conservator from the National Film Archive. Laboratory: Cinema Communication Services). With a fervent yearning for respectability and enough money to buy herself a brand-new life in Rome, the uninhibited, fearless, determined former streetwalker Mamma Roma renounces her ignominious past to reunite with her loafing 16-year-old son Ettore. Free at last from her disgusting pimp and ex-lover Carmine, Roma is bent on making an honest living running a humble vegetable stall, but a malicious extortion scheme and the equally insidious menace of exposure threaten to put an end to her zealous aspirations for a decent bourgeois existence. For his own sake, Ettore must be spared the violence of the adult world; nevertheless, can a lone single mother protect her only son from the same snares that wounded her youth?