Audience Participation Sessions

In the days before home cinema, VHS, DVD and Blu Ray, the only way to see a cult movie regularly was at a repertory film house, like The Astor. Certain movies gathered a feverish cult following leading to audience members and fans dressing in costumes, quoting key parts of a film and a group reaction at a specific time. We uphold this tradition, as is throughout the world at the few repertory film houses left.

Certain films on our calendar will denote ‘audience participation’. These usually include The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Blues Brothers and Batman (1966), these often evoke specific traditional participation cues that have been a fixture of screenings around the world as far back as their initial releases. These are sometimes hosted by a presenter with instructions for the audience. We also have sing along sessions like Hairspray, Grease and Mary Poppins that are more straightforward with the words up on the screen, but encourage audience participation by way of singing along.

The ongoing live comedy series ‘Cinema Fiasco’ features the infamous Cinema Fiasco duo providing witty and funny live commentary to B Grade movie disasters, cult horror and more. These will have ongoing live commentary throughout the presentation and are designed to not be a typical sit and watch experience. You can read more at their site at

We understand that seeing a movie in this way is not always everybody’s cup of tea, but we invite you toi enjoy the experience, and to be aware that in certain sessions marked ‘audience participation’, that it will not be a usual sit and watch experience.

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