SIXTEEN LEGS with Neil Gaiman in Attendance!



None scheduled.


Exclusive to The Astor - Neil Gaiman and the SIXTEEN LEGS filmmaking team will be in attendance for a very special screening of this documentary with a difference, courtesy of Bookend Trust. More information http://www.bookendtrust.com/caves Also, your chance to win a seat on one of Bookend Trust's Antarctic education flights, plus other door prizes. Screening in a whopping 4K format, SIXTEEN LEGS: SPIDER LOVE comes straight to the Astor from its first US appearance at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, as well as an exclusive screening at George RR Martin’s cinema in Santa Fe (George loved it). It has recently collected a Gold Award from the Australian Cinematographers Society. Narrated by Neil Gaiman (who also features in a fantasy cave sequence) SIXTEEN LEGS follows 24-year of scientific research, 2 years of filming and hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Enter a shadowy world of weird animals and strange rock formations where giant prehistoric spiders the size of dinner plates try to find love in the dark. With a score co-written and performed by Kate Miller-Heidke and appearances from Stephen Fry, Tara Moss, Adam Hills, Mark Gatiss among others, this is a nature documentary like no other. As the world seemingly descends into the next period of global mass extinction, a message of hope comes from an unlikely hero: a creature, often reviled, that has survived previous mass extinctions and climatic change in a magical ecosystem hidden beneath one of the world's last great wildernesses. With spectacular imagery and a dark-fantasy twist, this is a real-world "Charlotte's Web", capitalising on master story-teller Neil Gaiman's global popularity to bring a story of stability and solitude into our world of rapid change.