A Clockwork OrangeFull Metal Jacket
DOUBLE FEATURE Today at 7:30pm

A Clockwork Orange [R18+]

Full Metal Jacket [R18+]

Middle-Earth Marathon: The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogies
An American Werewolf in LondonThe Wolf Man
DOUBLE FEATURE Sunday 27th May at 7pm

An American Werewolf in London [M15+]

The Wolf Man [MA15+]

Mulholland Drive
SINGLE FEATURE Monday 28th May at 7:30pm

Mulholland Drive [MA15+]

Trading PlacesComing to America
DOUBLE FEATURE Wednesday 30th May at 7:30pm

Trading Places [M15+]

Coming to America [M15+]

Under the SkinShivers
DOUBLE FEATURE Thursday 31st May at 7:30pm

Under the Skin [MA15+]

Shivers [R18+]

Paths of GloryThe Killing
DOUBLE FEATURE Friday 1st June at 7:30pm

Paths of Glory [M]

The Killing [M15+]

Isle of Dogs
SINGLE FEATURE Saturday 2nd June at 7:30pm

Isle of Dogs [CTC]

SINGLE FEATURE Sunday 3rd June at 2pm

Casablanca [PG]

Pretty in Pink
SINGLE FEATURE Sunday 3rd June at 4pm

Pretty in Pink [M15+]

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