SESSION: Thursday 9th November at 7pm

MQFF 23: Opening Night – I Love You, Beksman

(2023, dir. Perci M. Intalan, w/ )

Arrivals from 7:00pm for a 7:30pm screening. Ticket includes access to MQFF’s Opening Night Party. Join us for the screening and Opening Night party with complimentary hospitality by MQFF partners: Squealing Pig Wines, Melbourne Gin Company and Mountain Goat Beer. After the screening we’re serving, DJs, food and a surprise or two that you don’t want to miss! AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE The coming-out story gets a fabulous, Filipinx makeover in Perci M. Intalan’s hilarious, highcamp and heartfelt inverted rom-com. Twenty-something Dali (the wonderful Christian Bables) is a flamboyant make-up artist and fashion designer who astonishes his gloriously queer family and colleagues by coming out as… straight? Yes, it seems he’s fallen for Angel (Iana Bernardez), a beauty pageant queen. But such is everyone’s astonishment that no one – Angel included – believes him. And so begins a quest for this most fabulous of purported straight men – think Barbie’s Ken, but more so – to become a convincing, straight-acting, straight man – for that is surely the way to a woman’s heart, no? Any number of received wisdoms surrounding gender and its relationship to sexuality get roundly skewered in this delightful film that will have you itching to hit the dance floor as soon as the closing credits roll. (IMDB)

FILM INFO Not reviewed.