SESSION: Tuesday 12th September at 6:30pm

Fallen Angels

(1995, dir. Kar-Wai Wong, w/ Leon Lai, Michelle Reis, Takeshi Kaneshiro)

Fallen Angels will finish at approximately 8:17pm.

Wong Chi-ming, a cold-blooded Hong-Kong-based assassin, has decided that he wants out. One last job stands in the way of a new life; however, Wong is unaware that his female partner-in-crime is utterly infatuated with him. Then, Wong has a late-night encounter with seductive Blondie in a fast-food restaurant, only to spark his obsessed partner's jealousy. Elsewhere in the city, mute Ho Chi-mo, who has recently escaped from prison, uses unorthodox ways to eke out an existence. During one of his nightly escapades, Ho crosses paths with Charlie, who enlists his help to find her ex-boyfriend's new lover. But, can there be redemption for the fallen angels? (IMDB)

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