SESSION: Wednesday 21st June at 7pm

J: Beyond Flamenco – 2023 Spanish Film Festival

(2016, dir. Carlos Saura, w/ Ara Malikian, Giovanni Sollima, Sara Baras)

J: Beyond Flamenco – 2023 Spanish Film Festival will finish at approximately 8:38pm.

After "Sevillanas", "Flamenco" or "Fados, Carlos Saura gets once again behind the cameras to shoot a musical documentary about la Jota, the traditional dance and folk music from his homeland: Aragon During the shooting of "LA JOTA", Carlos Saura puts forward a new journey starting from the most basic and rooted to his land's folk singing and traditional dance, to those who anticipate the future of this powerful music; in a visual journey where the scenery and the light will be the support of the story, intending to leave a vital, historical and unique document to future generations, that serves as a memory and reference for everyone who loves music. (IMDB)

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