SESSION: Wednesday 31st May at 6:30pm

A Life on the Farm

(2022, dir. Oscar Harding, w/ Derrick Beckles, Lehr Beidelschies, Charles Carson)

A Life on the Farm will finish at approximately 7:56pm.

When filmmaker Oscar Harding's grandfather passed away in the rural English county of Somerset, his family inherited an extraordinary video tape - a feature-length home movie from neighbor Charles Carson. But there's so much more to the man behind the videos - Charles was an inventor, an outsider artist, and a pioneer of death positivity, to name just a few of the filmmaking farmer's achievements. Charles' life and work are examined by those who knew him best, as well by a whole new generation of fans from across the world who have been inspired by the legacy he left behind. A Life on the Farm is an exploration and celebration of Charles Carson and his movies, rescued from obscurity, which present a moving and laugh-out-loud document of a time and place in danger of being lost to history. (IMDB)

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