SESSION: Tuesday 16th May at 7pm

Decoder – German Film Festival 2023

(1984, dir. Muscha, w/ FM Einheit, William Rice, Christiane Felscherinow)

Decoder – German Film Festival 2023 will finish at approximately 8:35pm.

A cult hit spawned from Germany's punk and new wave scene. Infused with disenfranchised youth culture of the early 80s, Decoder meshes neon drenched visuals, urban industrial aesthetics and science fiction, alongside searing commentary on late 20th century consumerist culture.

FM (FM Einheit of iconic band Einst├╝rzende Neubauten) discovers something buried deep in the 'muzak' played through a fast-food restaurant: the tracks are spiked with subliminal messages designed to ensure complacency and consumerism. Experimenting with this discovery, FM quickly understands that by changing the type of music played, he can wake up the populace from their consumerist slumber. As the diners are awakened and when the sinister organisation behind the plot to keep the public complacent takes an interest in finding and stopping FM, the real horror begins!

A weird, wild ride that offers commentary on the social unrest of the period, this rarely screened experimental drama features appearances by punk icon Christiane Felscherinow and William S. Burroughs in a supporting role with the soundtrack showcasing music from Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Soft Cell and The The.


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