SESSION: Saturday 8th October at 10pm

Manhattan Baby

(1982, dir. Lucio Fulci, w/ Christopher Connelly, Laura Lenzi, Brigitta Boccoli)

Archaelogists open egyptian tomb and release evil spirit. Daughter of one of the professors gets possessed by freed enity and the gorey murders begin. (IMDB)

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The House by the Cemetery

(1981, dir. Lucio Fulci, w/ Catriona MacColl, Paolo Malco, Ania Pieroni)

The House by the Cemetery will start at approximately 11:55pm, and finish at approximately 1:27am.

In New York, Dr. Norman Boyle assumes the research about Dr. Freudstein of his colleague Dr. Petersen, who committed suicide after killing his mistress. Norman heads to Boston with his wife Lucy Boyle and their son Bob to live in an isolated house in the woods that belonged to Dr. Petersen. Bob befriends the girl Mae that only he can see and she warns him to leave the house. Soon his parents hire the mysterious babysitter Ann and creepy things happen in the house. When Bobby goes to the basement, his parents discover the secret of the house. (IMDB)

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