SESSION: Saturday 20th August at 8:45pm

For it's 70th-anniversary year, MIFF returns with an expansive program of acclaimed international and Australian cinema, esteemed guests, premieres, galas, talks and special events. See full program here.


(2022, dir. Alexandre O. Philippe, w/ Rodney Ascher, Justin Benson, Karyn Kusama)

Lynch/Oz will finish at approximately 10:41pm.

David Lynch is revered as a master of the dark and avant-garde, so why is he obsessed with The Wizard of Oz? John Waters, Karyn Kusama and others explain. From his black-and-white beginnings to the expansive masterpiece that is Twin Peaks: The Return, Lynch (Inland Empire, MIFF 2007; Twin Peaks, MIFF 1990) has been continuously influenced by the 1939 Technicolor classic The Wizard of Oz. In this documentary, audiences will be taken down the yellow brick road of theory, symbolism and cinematic mystery to uncover the reasoning and impact of the director’s enduring fascination with Dorothy, Toto and the Wicked Witch of the West. (IMDB)

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