SESSION: Saturday 4th December at 7:30pm

Wild at Heart

(1990, dir. David Lynch, w/ Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, Willem Dafoe, J.E. Freeman)

Lula's psychopathic mother goes crazy at the thought of Lula being with Sailor, who just got free from jail. Ignoring Sailor's probation, they set out for California. However their mother hires a killer to hunt down Sailor. Unaware of this, the two enjoy their journey and themselves being together... until they witness a young woman dying after a car accident - a bad omen. (IMDB)

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Two-Lane Blacktop

(1971, dir. Monte Hellman, w/ James Taylor, Warren Oates, Laurie Bird, Dennis Wilson)

Two-Lane Blacktop will start at approximately 10:01pm, and finish at approximately 11:49pm.

The Driver and The Mechanic are two car freaks driving a 1955 Chevy throughout the southwestern U.S. looking for other cars to race. They are totally dedicated to The Car and converse with each other only when necessary. At a gas station, The Driver and The Mechanic, along with a girl who has ingratiated herself into their world, meet G.T.O., a middle-aged man who fabricates stories about his exploits. It is decided to have a race to Washington, D.C., where the winner will get the loser's car. Along the way, the race and the highway metaphorically depict the lives of these contestants as they struggle to their destination. (IMDB)

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