SESSION: Sunday 21st November at 7pm

IFF21: L’amore

(1948, dir. Roberto Rossellini, w/ Anna Magnani, Federico Fellini, Peparuolo)

IFF21: L’amore will finish at approximately 8:17pm.

In part one, The Human Voice, a woman speaks on the telephone to her lover, who has broken off the affair to marry someone else. He calls her several times in one night: he lies, she apologizes, she takes the blame, she weeps, she pleads, she asks a favor. Her pain and desperation drive the simple story. In part two, The Miracle, a homeless woman believes that a man she encounters on a hillside is Saint Joseph and he takes advantage of her. When she discovers she is pregnant, she knows it's a miracle. Other villagers mock her and she gives birth alone, near a locked church, in the straw of a goat shed. (IMDB)

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