SESSION: Thursday 13th February at 7:30pm


The Cremaster Cycle: 3

(2002, dir. Matthew Barney, w/ Richard Serra, Matthew Barney, Aimee Mullins, Paul Brady)

The Cremaster Cycle: 3 will finish at approximately 10:40pm.

CREMASTER 3 (2002) is part zombie thriller, part gangster film. As the final installment completed in the series, the film is a distillation of Barney’s major themes, filtered through a symbolic matrix involving Freemasonry, Celtic lore, and coded references to the CREMASTER cycle itself. Set in New York’s Chrysler Building, CREMASTER 3 also includes detours to the Guggenheim Museum, to the harness track in Saratoga Springs, and to Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. (IMDB)

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