SESSION: Sunday 29th September at 1:30pm


LIFF 2019: 1900

(1976, dir. Bernardo Bertolucci, w/ Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu, Dominique Sanda, Francesca Bertini)

LIFF 2019: 1900 will finish at approximately 7:25pm.

Bertolucci's impassioned epic centres on the intense relationship between two friends, Alfredo Berlinghieri (Robert De Niro) from a landowning family and Olmo Dalcò (Gérard Depardieu). Bertolucci was only 34 years old when he crafted this multinational, and yet distinctly Italian opus which covers ap-proximately 70 years of Italian social and political history. Introduction presented by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Melbourne, followed by the film (with intermission). (IMDB)

FILM INFO 3.853.853.853.85(IMDB rating)