JFF Classics: The Bride from Hades



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JFF Classics | Grief and Vengeance: Otherworldly Tales Japanese Film Festival Classics at The Astor Theatre presents a selection of films that unveil age-old ghost stories and chilling tales from the spirit realm. Grief and Vengeance features a line-up of films from master filmmaker Nobuo Nakagawa, who pioneered the Japanese horror film genre, along with Masaki Kobayashi and Satsuo Yamamoto. Beyond suspense-filled, psychological horrors, this selection of films offers a glimpse into traditional Japanese folklore and the spirit world spanning many eras. This free classics program is a satellite event of the annual Japanese Film Festival. The festival’s main program is ticketed, and screens at the Capitol Theatre and Treasury Theatre throughout November, offering the best in new releases and contemporary Japanese cinema. Presented by the Japan Foundation, Sydney, and made possible through the support of the Japan Foundation Film Library. The Bride from Hades One night during the Obon lantern festival, Shinzaburo meets a mysterious, beautiful woman and her servant. When they meet again, he learns the woman’s name is Otsuyu and that she was forced to become a courtesan to support herself after her father’s tragic death. Though Shinzaburo has a fiancée due to an arranged marriage, he falls desperately in love with the alluring Otsuyu, and they decide to spend the remaining nights of Obon together. However, there are rumours spreading throughout town that a courtesan named Otsuyu recently committed suicide over accepting an unwanted man as a patron. Based on one of the most famous ghost stories in Japan, the tale depicted in The Bride from Hades has been adapted into a kabuki play and numerous films. Please note: Tickets will also be available in The Astor Theatre foyer from one hour before each screening.