Cinema Fiasco Presents: Howling III



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CINEMA FIASCO PRESENTS “HOWLING 3: THE MARSUPIALS” Bad movie fans, rejoice! Cinema Fiasco returns to the Astor for another hilarious show, featuring one of the greatest Australian films of all time, “Howling 3: The Marsupials”. If you’ve never been to Cinema Fiasco you really should. Hosts Geoff Wallis and Janet A. McLeod are experts in the field of mediocre movie-making and what they don’t know about awful acting, dreadful dialogue and anything-but-special special effects isn’t worth knowing. For fifteen years audiences have thrilled to their particularly eccentric brand of film appreciation and they are rightly admired for their deft incorporation of old jokes and bad puns into their vivid articulations. “Howling 3: The Marsupials” is the second sequel to 1980’s “The Howling” and, rather than follow the narrative of the previous films, this one strikes out on its own with particularly whacked-out results. The action relocates to Australia where researchers are investigating the existence of were-Tasmanian tigers. One of these, a marsupial werewolf girl, runs away from her home (a werewolf commune in the bush) and travels to Sydney where she’s immediately cast in a cheesy horror movie. She has sex with the assistant director, gets pregnant, turns into a werewolf, goes to hospital and is abducted and taken back to the commune by a trio of lady werewolves disguised as nuns. And then things start to get weird. The heroine gives birth to a joey that crawls up her stomach and into her pouch; Aboriginal activist Burnum Burnum turns into a werewolf and mauls a bunch of bogan hunters to death; and Dame Edna Everage features in the astonishing finale set at the Academy Awards. With rubbery transformation scenes, over-the-top performances, pages of camp dialogue, a synthesizer and didgeridoo score and special guest appearances by Frank Thring, “Mr Movies” Bill Collins and photographer William Yang (as “Siberian Peasant”), this is clearly the Australian movie to see. And with Janet and Geoff as your guides, you’re guaranteed “two hours of almost constant non-stop hilarity”. “Wallis and McLeod’s wonderfully eccentric dynamic combined with some of the worst films ever made by humans make this a truly unique film-going experience” – Cameron Grace/Beat Magazine Please note: Cinema Fiasco screenings are presented with live commentary throughout.