SESSION: Sunday 17th November at 4:30pm


One Deadly Summer

(1983, dir. Jean Becker, w/ Isabelle Adjani, Alain Souchon, Suzanne Flon, Jenny Clève)

One Deadly Summer will finish at approximately 6:51pm.

Before adapting Sébastien Japrisot’s novel One Deadly Summer, director Jean Becker already had Isabelle Adjani in mind for the leading role. She refused at first however thankfully, later changed her mind. Adjani delivers a captivating performance as a traumatised young woman harbouring a terrible secret, earning her a second César in this noir mystery thriller. It is spring 1976 and the alluring Eliane Wieck moves to a sun-drenched provincial town in Southern France, accompanied by her introverted mother and physically disabled father. Pin-Pon (Alain Souchon), a local car mechanic, instantly falls in love with her. They are soon married however circumstances around Eliane’s arrival and her state of mind remain mysterious. For instance, what prompted the family’s move? Is Eliane really in love? And what significance does an old mechanical piano hold for this enigmatic and cryptic young woman? L'Été Meurtier garnered four Césars in 1983, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. With an ending that packs a punch, Adjani is mesmerising in this suspenseful tale of obsession, suffering and revenge. (IMDB)

FILM INFO 3.653.653.653.65(IMDB rating)