SESSION: Sunday 20th October at 7pm


Greek Film Festival Closing Night 2019: THE TAVERNA

(2019, dir. Alkinos Tsilimidos, w/ Vangelis Mourikis, Rachel Kamath, Senol Mat)

In this black comedy Kostas, the owner of a Melbourne Greek restaurant, has employed Jamila, a single mother going through a bitter custody battle, as a belly dancer to entertain customers. When her ex-husband Arman and his new girlfriend Rebecca show up for dinner, she refuses to dance, prompting quirky waitress Sally to take her place. During Sally’s performance all hell breaks loose. Rebecca is abducted and Kostas learns that his son left the scene of an accident, fearing he’d killed the other driver and would fail a drug test. By the time the police arrive, there’s forgiveness in the air. But will this evening have a happy ending? (IMDB)

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