SESSION: Monday 12th August at 6:30pm


MIFF 2019: Frankie

(2019, dir. Ira Sachs, w/ Marisa Tomei, Brendan Gleeson, Greg Kinnear, Isabelle Huppert)

Starring Isabelle Huppert as a famous French actress, Frankie is the latest intimately observed, tenderly wrought drama from Ira Sachs – with Marisa Tomei, Brendan Gleeson, Greg Kinnear and Jérémie Renier also featuring. In a career filled with sublimely detailed small-scale portraits, Sachs (Love is Strange, MIFF 2014; Keep the Lights On, MIFF 2012) may have just made his most intricate and affecting yet with this heartfelt holiday drama that unfurls over a 12-hour period. After discovering that she has terminal cancer, Frankie gathers up her nearest and dearest for a communal vacation in Portugal. Accompanied by her current husband, her ex, her son, her friends and various children, it’s a last hurrah – and yet the minutiae of life don’t fade even when death lingers around the corner. “A tiny little trinket of a film … reveals a quietly exquisite beauty to those who are willing to lean in and look closer.” – IndieWire (IMDB)

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