SESSION: Wednesday 27th March at 7:30pm


Forbidden Planet

(1956, dir. Fred M. Wilcox, w/ Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens)

When Adams and his crew are sent to investigate the silence from a planet inhabited by scientists, he finds all but two have died. Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira have somehow survived a hideous monster which roams the planet. Unknown to Adams, Morbius has made a discovery, and has no intention of sharing it (or his daughter!) with anyone. (IMDB)

FILM INFO 4444(Astor rating)


The Green Slime

(1968, dir. Kinji Fukasaku, w/ Robert Horton, Luciana Paluzzi, Richard Jaeckel, Bud Widom)

The Green Slime will start at approximately 9:34pm, and finish at approximately 11:10pm.

A giant asteroid is heading toward Earth so some astronauts disembark from a nearby space station to blow it up. The mission is successful, and they return to the station unknowingly bringing back a gooey green substance that mutates into one-eyed tentacled monsters that feed off electricity. Soon the station is crawling with them, and people are being zapped left and right! (IMDB)

FILM INFO rating)