SESSION: Friday 10th August at 9:30pm


MIFF 2018 Special Event: Cage-A-Thon

(, dir. Various, w/ Nicholas Cage)

MIFF 2018 Special Event: Cage-A-Thon will finish at approximately 9:55am.

After its success in 2017, MIFF’s overnight marathon at The Astor returns and this year we’re going full Nicolas Cage!! Ethan Hawke has described him as "the only actor since Marlon Brando that’s actually done anything new with the art" and David Lynch called him the "jazz musician of acting". He is the ineffable Nicolas Cage, perhaps the most eclectic, most meme-able actor in living memory. From winning an Oscar to being lovingly parodied – an infamous episode of the TV series Community features a Nicolas Cage Appreciation class that seeks to answer the question of whether he is a good or a bad actor – Cage clearly works in mysterious ways. From 9.30pm on Friday 10 August we’ll be unlocking the Cage and letting loose with 12 hours of non-stop Nic. It’ll be operatic, Nouveau Shamanic and gloriously OTT! Films Include: MANDY, RAISING ARIZONA, RED ROCK WEST, VAMPIRE'S KISS (35mm print), THE WICKER MAN, DRIVE ANGRY, CON AIR (35mm print). (IMDB)

FILM INFO Not reviewed.