SESSION: Saturday 9th December at 12pm


Melbourne Movie Market

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The Melbourne Movie Market retruns at the Astor Theatre! Film fans of all genres will find a treasure to behold at this special "film only" flea market spectacular, celebrating all things cinema. - New (discounted) and second hand DVDs/BluRays - Pre-loved VHS/Beta/LaserDisc - Posters, Books, Signed photographs, Cards - Soundtracks, CDs, Vinyl - Toys, Board Games, Figurines - Local and unique film related Art/Crafts/Gifts/Clothing - Horror/Monster FX and props for sale - and much much more PLUS SPECIAL SCREENINGS/EVENTS IN THE CINEMA: BEST OF MONSTERFEST SHORTS, currated by Hussein Khoder. LUCID DREAMING, a Sleep Walkers Guide To Silent Cinema. Experience a live score by Sasha Veidt and accompanied by performance artist Madam Scriabin to some of the Silent eras great short films. And with cool movie sountracks playing in the foyer throughout the day Grab a beer or coffee from the Overlook cafe/bar and soak up the filmic atmosphere! STILL ONLY $5 ENTRY! (IMDB)

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