SESSION: Tuesday 24th October at 7:30pm


Wings – 90th Anniversary

(1927, dir. William A. Wellman, Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast, w/ Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen, Jobyna Ralston)

Wings – 90th Anniversary will finish at approximately 10:02pm.

Winner of the first Academy Award® for Best Picture - 1927 Wings was the highest grossing movie of its time, with a complete orchestral score and timed sound effects. This all-time classic silent film electrified audiences. Although the original negative is considered lost forever, a dupe negative that was struck in the ’50s from a deteriorating nitrate print was found in Paris. Paramount meticulously restored it back in 2012 for its centennial anniversary. Wings is the story of two young men, one rich, one middle class, who are in love with the same woman, become fighter pilots in World War I. Set against the backdrop of the Army Air Corps, the WWI adventure features stunning aerial photography and combat flying sequences (IMDB)

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