SESSION: Saturday 14th October at 9:15pm


Classic French Film Festival 2017 – Le Doulos

(1963, dir. Jean-Pierre Melville, w/ Jean-Paul Belmondo, Serge Reggiani, Jean Desailly, René Lefèvre)

Classic French Film Festival 2017 – Le Doulos will finish at approximately 11:11pm.

Burglar Maurice Faugel has just finished his sentence. He murders Gilbert Vanovre, a receiver, and steals the loot of a break-in. He is also preparing a house-breaking, and his friend Silien brings him the needed equipment. But Silien is a police informer ... A movie whose "all characters are two-faced, all characters are false", according to director Jean-Pierre Melville. (IMDB)

FILM INFO 3.953.953.953.95(IMDB rating)