2001: A Space Odyssey 70mm – featuring Designa Monologues Discussion Panel



None scheduled.


Following this 2pm session of 2001: A Space Odyssey we host Designa Monologues, a panel discussing various elements of the iconic film featuring discussions with: Dr John Lenarcic is a physicist and applied mathematician by training, an information technology academic at RMIT University by fortunate accident and an armchair philosopher by conscious choice. Jim Sherlock is a film historian, critic, media presenter, public speaker, writer, publicist and all-around legend of the Australian cinema scene. Dr Gail Iles is an experimental physicist from RMIT University. She likes making magnetic nanoparticles, particularly in zero gravity. She has experienced over 500 parabolas on the vomit comet without being sick once. Gail has trained astronauts how to operate the international space station, most importantly, how to disable the computer systems operating the airlock. Professor Andy Greentree is a theoretical physicist from RMIT University. His scientific interests cover diamond, quantum information science, quantum optics and bees. He has been watching 2001 since the 1970's.